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                                  Devine Systems technical services team has an average of 10 years experience working in IT. Day in and day out, we share our collected knowledge and experience with you to provide first-class technical services. Devine Systems knows Service and Support. We live IT.



                                  Eventually your employees will encounter a problem with a computer or application and they will need help. With Devine Systems that help is just a phone call away. We have at least two engineers in-house at all times to solve as many problems as possible over the phone. In most cases we can get your employees back to work in just a few minutes.



                                  Remote Assistance

                                  For problems or questions that are too complicated to communicate properly over the phone, Devine Systems can help you set up a solution that will allow our in-house support staff to take control of your more critical systems right from our own office. With this capability we can provide immediate response to your computer issue and resolve the problem directly. In most cases we can resolve your issue without needing to come on-site.



                                  Onsite Support

                                  For those issues to complex to resolve over the phone, Devine Systems will dispatch a technician to your place of business for onsite support. Dependant upon the level of severity, onsite support can be available 24x7. You can be reassured that Devine Systems is prepared to handle your Complete IT needs at a moment's notice.


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